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Enterprise investment and financing issues: Consultancy services related to enterprise investment, stock right transfer, enterprise amalgamation, assets acquisition and assignment, debt recombination, etc.( including research assistance, business negotiation, drawing up an agreement, and so on.);Enterprise management: Consultancy services pertaining to inner management of enterprises, issues aroused between employer and employee and employment.( including survey assistance, drawing up internal regulationsand rules, and employment agreement, etc.);Interpretation and translation: Interpretation or translation service that any company or organization may requires in theirsdaily activities, including the interpretation or translation related to business affairs,financial affairs, and law connected issues. Japanese English Chinese
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dulan business consultant
Address:No.1806 Office
Tower 1, Henderson Cen-
 ter.18, Jiang Guomen Nei
Avenue, Dongcheng Dis-
 trict, Beijing
 Post Code:100005
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      Beijing Dulan Business Consultanting Co.,Ltd. ,as a professional business consultancy
  institute approved by and registered under Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce,
  it is made up of a panel of experts and professionals who are devoted themselves to promote
  interstate business investment and its related management. Our experts and professionals eng-
  aged in consultancy service in the respect of enterprise’s investment, financing management
  , laws and financial affairs,etc are all license holders of lawyer or registered accountant,and
  most of them possess a working experience atforeign business consultancy institutions, or
  have domestic foreign professional related business consultancy experience for many years;
  they speak good English and could conduct professional consultancy service efficiently in the-
  irs related fields with the foreign language they mastered.
      Beijing Dulan Business Consultanting Co., Ltd. is well connected with domestic and foreign
  business circles, law fields and other related fields, has built a smooth communication
  access to the related government offices, therefore we can aware and further comprehend
  what our clients demand and see which way the wind blows on Chinese market which enables
  us to be able to offer our clients a more prompt, and efficient professional consultancy service.
      To build up our credibility, and to serve our people better are main principle which we all
  held; to provide high quality and efficient services to all our clients are our basic aim; in order
  to fulfill the aim we set for ourselves we have been trying and shall continue trying our best
  to explore new business field, to improve our service standard and to meet the constantly
  emerging demandsof our clients of different groups.
      Your free contact with us are much welcomed.
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